Monday, April 5, 2010

Happy Easter!

Easter came and Easter went..... It was a good day. We saw almost everyone on our three stops for the day. Lincoln was so excited about the hot wheels he got from Mom and Dad. He didn't want to put them down. He was really sweet to his cousin Lily and got lots of gifts from Papa and Grandma, Mamaw and Papaw and Grandma and Grandpa. He gave lots of kisses and wasn't really into the egg hunt. His favorite part of the day was when we took all his clothes off and let him run around the house. He is not really into dressing up yet.

Playing with my new hotwheels....
Mom trying some new camera stuff...
Which way did they go??
Handsome Papa and Bubby
Just walking around... love being outside!
The Pohl Family
Awww, kisses kisses
What a cheese!
The Huff Family
Good times.....
What a scowl on that boys face!
Awww... Daddy and Bubs were both dressed alike. They were sooo handsome
I love this picture. It was totally on accident but what a powerful picture.... such a small being depending on us to guide them...
He's going to hate this pictures when he's about 16
Giving kisses to Grandma and Grandpa
Thanks Grandpa for my bunny basket and thanks Grandma for my bunny ears!
The Cabals
My first egg hunt!
So not into the egg hunt.... oh well there is always next year.... Happy Easter!

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Sara said...

Little man is growing up. So handsome in his little tie! Hope you are all doing well. Miss you!