Sunday, July 26, 2009

Look at me. Look at me.

I call this look at me, look at me because Bubby keeps doing things that require me to write it down in a book, call dad and tell him and take a picture of. It's amazing all of the accomplishments babies make in such a short time frame. It makes me think that as an adult I do very little to warrant a "look at me". That's a whole new view on my life, all from a few simple actions from a baby!

Being 12 weeks old is exhausting. Bubby is literally busting out of his 0-3 month clothes, or maybe dad missed a few buttons, but those pants are looking a little short.
I found my feet and man are they cool!

My first toy! Pooh went straight to the mouth. I love to see his development, he's been grabbing things off the bed and table so I thought it was time to try toys. Of course just because there are toys now we can't forget about those cool fists!The binky is really only for chewing on now but it does make a cute picture
SCOOTING... Step 1 Do the superman. Looks like a yoga move to me. I should try it, I bet it's good for the core!

Step 2 get your rear as far up into the air as possible
Step 3 bring your knees toward your chestStep 4 Relax, suck on your fist and take a nap

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