Sunday, July 26, 2009

Dad turned 27!

Happy Birthday to Dad! Last weekend was filled with birthday fun. He got steaks on the grill from his parents and tacos from mine. Not to mention the midnight bingo with Rachel, Dave and Andrew as well as the water balloon fights!
The birthday boys. Together JR and Dave were 53, hence the 50 candle + 3. But you wouldn't know they were older than 12!

Water balloon fights. Of course this is a grown up game, it requires much more skill to launch a balloon via sling shot across 30 yards.

Uncle Andrew and Cousin Caleb.
Aunt Ashley "pouting" (I think it's because she wasn't getting to play in the water games. LoL)
Grandma and Bubby taking a nap. They seem to do that alot.

For some reason Caleb gets passed around alot :o )
Papaw and Bubby chillin' in the master chair

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