Saturday, May 3, 2014

Grant Gordon Huff 9 Months

Oh my sweet baby boy is already 9 months! How the time flies and it's going faster this time around than it did the last. Grant is a sweetie but he's got a little attitude. He makes this ridiculous fussy face where he closes his eyes and give a fake cry, mostly when he's not being fed fast enough. He's pulling up on everything, but no steps yet. Also we have no teeth yet. He snatched a piece of crusty bread out of my hand one day and knawled on it for a while so I'm not sure if he's actually cutting teeth or just really hungry. He love throwing balls or any other toy he can get his hands on. He can roll cars which is too cute and makes him seem so much older than he is. He loves his brother soooo much. He wants to be right in the middle of them no matter what they're doing. 

Weight: 22.5lbs
Height: Tall?
Eating: pureed bananas, sweet potatoes, blue berries, strawberries, squash, green beans, apples and any combination of all of those. He won't turn his nose up to any food though. He's tried some freeze dried bananas but still has some issues so we're taking it slow.
Sleeping: 8-12 hours a night + 1/2 naps per day. 
Crawling: Yes
Pulling up: Yes
Walking: NOOOOO (we're in no hurry for that one)
Plays peek a boo, throws a ball after touching to his forehead, rolls cars 
Says: Mama, googoo, ba ba

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