Saturday, December 14, 2013

Advent activities 2013

I finally got our Advent calendar up and Lincoln LOVES getting the next number for the day. He never forgets which one we're on. We've watched the polar express, built a mega fort, had a treat day, went to see the Grinch read How the Grinch Stole Christmas. I had a big Christmas kick off breakfast planned with gifts and the entrance of Toots MaGee, our Elf. Toots has been lack luster this year to say the least. Sometimes the guilt of not doing all these little things that "other" moms do gets to me but then I realize that as long as I do the best I can and don't stress everyone out trying to do it all my kids will never know the difference. We've also been trying to keep it kind of slow and work on teaching them the real reason for Christmas. We read the bible every night with a few verses to teach them about the birth of Christ. I've working on giving them money to put in the Salvation Army's bucket, buying a toy they really like for Toys for Tots, they helped pick out toys to go in our Operation Christmas Child boxes and next week we're going to go caroling at a local nursing home. 

So back to Advent.... a Christmas treasure hunt. Lincoln was stoked about this one. They donned their treasure hunting gear, hats and guns of course and Lincoln proudly marched around figuring out every stop on the way. Baby Grant was just along with the ride. 
the three treasure hunters

Cool dude

 Sweet boy, he loves his brothers and thinks they are HILARIOUS

 Angry eye brows

 Nerf gun laser light


 Christmas Tree

 Linus on his treasure hunt
 Toots guarding the treasure, new nerf guns of course!

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