Tuesday, August 20, 2013


Little Grant has done such a god job since we've been home. We left the hospital as soon as we could for the comfort of our own home. Although I was a bit sore and tired I had a good spell of energy for the first week. We make it to the zoo to celebrate Grant's 1 week arrival and we've been on the go since there. We've been to the zoo twice, the state fair for Grant's 1 month. The boys still love their new brother. They are constantly talking to him, kissing and hugging him and always need to know where he is. Here's a little recap of this big boy in the last month. I hope I can be more consistent with my posts but it's been hard.

5 Days

2 Weeks
22.5 in 10lbs 9oz

3 Weeks
23 in 11lbs 6oz

4 Weeks
12lbs 2oz

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