Monday, June 24, 2013

Wyatt's birthday

Wyatt Daniel - you'r two! And you're a rambunctious 2! You talk up a storm, you're defiant and sweet all at the same time. You are a momma's boy if there every was one. You crack me up with your antics and you wear me out with your bundles of energy. For your birthday this year we had to go say goodbye to a dear friend Mom Herrick. It was a sad but good day to see her suffering end and knowing she's walking with Jesus, her mind free and clear once again. She was such a blessing to my family growing up and she will be greatly missed. I only wished you and your brother could have known her.

We did get to go to Waffle House for your birthday lunch and of course you loved it! Waffles and eggs! You boys know how to put down the breakfast foods. Happy Birthday YY! We love you!

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