Saturday, March 23, 2013


3 years 22 months (Almost 4!) Lincoln has become quite the chatter box. Sometimes we can keep up with him but lately he keeps telling me about his "contentions". It's taken me a while but I think after a q&a he means inventions. Ha! He's also started giving us a thumbs up with a wink like Alpha Pig off Super Why. This big guy is the spitting image of hid daddy. I love at dinner time how Lincoln can't stop touching and bothering JR. He's a touchy little guy and he loves to put his hands on your face and talk really close. He'll lay his head on JR's shoulder and say "Daddy, you're just my best friend". Aw, so sweet. This boy has been as much about the NCAA tournament as his dad. I can't wait to get him in sports.

1 year 22 months (Almost 2!) Wyatt, I never thought this little hugging  clingy, particular boy would be our ham. He's not just a ham, but a ham and cheese. He's copied so many of Lincolns expressions and silly antics at a much earlier age. He's constantly dancing at the grocery store, home, car, church, it doesn't matter the venue. He loves telling people hello and goodbye. He waves at everyone, especially older people which I think is because they tend to wave back more. He's still such a hugger. He give great tight neck hugs that I love as does anyone else who gets them. He's not stingy with them at all. He's still quite obstinate too though, he's stubborn and has a little temper. Hmm, wonder where he gets that. We're working on not throwing fits but it's going to be a long and forever work in progress I do believe.

We're all ready for daddy to be done with school so the boys can enjoy the summer and get to do more things. They love the zoo and being outside. I personally can't wait for it to get warmer and winter to go away. I probably won't be saying that in about 2 months when I'm 7 months pregnant. Speaking of which this baby boy is a mover and a shaker. I can just imagine him stretching out as far as he can and kicking and punching at the same time. I can feel like hit me from both sides of my belly. In our ultrasound he kept arching his back and kicking his feet. Ha, just what we need is another busy busy little boy. The Huff household will be a busy place.

The spring itch to redecorate has hit me. I don't know if it's just spring or from being so cooped up from being sick for so long but I have it and already have a long list on the board for JR to start doing. I've got my pinterest inspirations all lined up, just waiting for my handyman to get started. More to come. This time I'm going to take some before pictures to compare to. I have one room in the entire house that has not been painted since we moved in 7.5 years ago, my master bath which is getting a total face lift. I'm also re-doing our bedroom which hasn't been touched in close to 7 years either. If you ask me that's a long enough time to change things. At least I'm not changing them every 2 years, right? We will be busy to say the least for the next couple of months. Between house projects, outdoor projects, Derby and family, beach vacation and the boys birthdays I expect it to be June before we sit down and relax. That's ok with me! We'll have plenty of time to relax after #3 gets here, LoL.

Here's a few before pics of my bedroom. I've already cleared it out, ready to be primed! Can't wait to have some final pics to show but I'll warn you, it's going to be a while! I really need a wider angled lens to capture our small bedroom.

LoL, I had to post this one of JR trying to catch a chicken in our yard. hahaha, I don'y know who looks more scared!

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