Monday, February 11, 2013

Lincoln 3yrs 9mo, Wyatt 20mo, Microhuff III 17 weeks

It's been well over a month since I've posted. Things have been busy to say the least. I've kept a steady stream of friends and family for my photography business and loving it. JR has been BUSY with student teaching, and he LOVES it. I've never seen him so excited about a job. He's loving middle school but is about to move for the second half of the semester to teach high school. Oh, and we're pregnant again with #3, due July 20, which also happens to be JR's birthday. I've been lax in taking pictures of my own boys but I'm ready to get back to keeping up with them, which gets harder and harder ever day!

Lincoln - He's super excited about the new baby. He keeps telling me it's Olivia in my belly but I am pretty sure at this point in time it's another boy. He loves his brother although they can be a little rough and wild. He will finally count to 40, all by himself. He will count trucks for Wyatt on the expressway. He's interacting better and communicating better. He can actual carry a decent conversation on the phone as long as he doesn't get too excited and then he talks fast and high pitch.

Wyatt - He's a stinker as always. He communicates so well with us. I don't know how we did it with Bub when he couldn't tell us yes and no and what he wanted. He says "Mommy, Mommy" about 10 billion times a day to get my attention, at everything. I finally took him to the pediatric optometrist to get his eyes checked out and so thankful to say he's not the least bit cross eyes, they call it pseudo-stambismus and the shape of his eyes make them look turned in at times. Those beautiful brown almond eyes melt my heart. He's still a rough and tumble little boy who ends every run with a jump. He now thinks he can climb up stairs while not holding onto anything. He loves books, he could read to himself for hours or have someone else read to him.

Baby #3 - It's been an interesting pregnancy. Lots of sickness and tiredness, as normal. I'm starting to feel much  better and been back to exercising. Got to get in shape for the beach this year! Ha, I'll be the whale under the shade or fixed in the coldest body of water around!

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Rachel C said...

Lincoln calls Lydia, "Olivia" :)