Thursday, November 15, 2012

Boys boys boys

I have some silly and exhausting boys. With JR in school we get to spend every evening together and the evenings are not their best time of the day. We used to run errands, or go to the park but it's too cold to do anything so we've been confined to the house. I'll bundle them out and go outside even if it's cold just to get out for a little while.

Some of my favorites from the past month or so...... Lincoln asking about the stars. One night on the way home he could see the stars since it's dark so early now. He kept asking if they were planes but once we got off the expressway he could really see them. He then asked if they were going to fall on him. LoL. He's a sharp little guy. He's always asking questions and absorbing things. I've stopped giving him "baby" answers and started to give me simple "scientific" explanations. He asked me why it was dark out so I explained the rotation of the earth. He wants to know where Ma and Pa went so we look in the globe to Arizona and Hawaii. He can find them both now and always asks if he can get on a plane and go there. He's completely in love with anything Christmas. He can't understand why we haven't put up our Christmas decorations, I keep explaining to him that there's a little holiday that gets overlooked called Thanksgiving that we have to wait for. We adopted an Elf named Toots Magee and Lincoln can not wait for him to come out. We've decided to go a different route than the traditional Elf reporting back to Santa if little boys are good or bad since I don't want my children's behavior to be influenced by Santa. Instead they're going to help teach Toots Magee about the love and grace of God and how it's because our His love and grace that we are forgiven. He's a naughty little elf so they'll have to help teach him to be nice and good because of the way God has commanded us to live. 

Wyatt- He's almost 18 months. He talking alot. He can say socks, up, down, all done, banana, bites, please, daddy, mommy, hubby, ma, pa, papa, hi, bye, dog. He's still working on Mimaw. He nods yes correctly, grunts nuh uh and throws lots of fits. When it's time for bed we ask him if he's ready to go to bed and he does this fake sniff sniff and grunts nuh uh. It is so sad. He finishes sentences from his favorite books like Hand Hand Fingers Thumb, he sings along with a Mexican Cactus that came on one of my birthday cards and he has the most hilarious dances. He can tell us what the dog, penguin, lion, fish, monkey, horse, chickens, sheep, pigs and elephant says. He is a handful, to say the least.

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