Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Fall fun

It's been crazy around here! Between work, recruiting, JR's school and the weather it has been hectic and we've all been feeling a little under the weather. Saturday was U of L's Midnight Mayhem, where I volunteered ALL day and it was right after the weather dropped. The actual race was from 8pm -12:30am. The boys came out and Lincoln LOVED it, he would have stayed until the end but Wyatt and Mommy were tired and COLD! We all woke up with the crud the next morning.
However, this warmer weather is great. A little chill in the morning and warm in the afternoon. Fall is here! The boys have been enjoying the pre-dinner play time with bikes, cars, lawn mowers, balls and bats and tonight sidewalk chalk. Lincoln is starting to ride his bike all by himself and Wyatt is all over the place - in Lightning car, pushing the mower, throwing the balls. He-is-busy!
Now that I'm starting to do some portrait sessions I've realized I haven't been taking pictures of my own boys. That is a habit I don't want to start so I thought I should document my own cuties before they grow up.

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