Sunday, September 16, 2012

3 years 4 months & 17 Months

Lincoln James Huff..... has finally learned to say he is sorry when he does something wrong. Although he tends to think it's ok once he's said he is sorry. He will spill his cup of water and tell me right away, "Oh, I'm sorry Mommy" or he'll knock his brother down and say "Oh, I'm sorry Wyatt. I will be nice". I can tell he's soo ready to learn and we are not moving forwards with reading. That's our fault. I have to find some good curriculum to start him out on, he'll get Wyatt's books and sit down and sound out the words. He LOVES books. We could read most of the day and he would be happy. His favorites are these large storybooks we get from the Library with longer stories in it. His go-to is Spiderman right now. He's been very good about eating and not fighting, as much over meals. He still prays for his best buddies Caleb, Carter. Marshall, Bradley, Anson and now Abram every night.

Wyatt Daniel Huff.... oh man oh man. What a wild little man I have. He's still climbing and jumping without fear. He's always bruised on his face, constantly getting knocked in the head. He jumps and fall on his bottom or does this funny little twist. He's still a messy eater, we don't go through a meal where the floor doesn't have to be cleaned. He's gotten so good at going to bed, we read books, brush teeth, say prayers and I lay him down. He then calls for JR until he goes to see him and tell him goodnight and then he goes to sleep. One day as we were doing yard work I had an iced coffee sitting out and he kept running over and sneaking drinks (this boy loves coffee hot or cold) and that night he woke up at 11 and stayed up (with daddy) until 3 am....... we regulate much better now. He's gotten very good as saying please when he wants something. He still say uhuh instead of yes, but I remember Bub doing that at this age. If it's something he really wants he's very quick to nod his head yes and say please. He knows what the cow, sheep, dog and monkey say. Sometimes I think he's saying something but then I can't get him to repeat it. He's said Aunt Dave, Rae Rae multiple times although never on command and occasionally Pa. At 17 months he still has yet to say Mommy. When he slips up and says mama and I try to get him to repeat it he shouts Daddy!. Sigh.

Both booys got to go tailgating with us and they were very good. It was a long day and on the way back to the car they were falling asleep. Lincoln really wanted to go to the game but it was just too much. We've promised we would take him to one and think he would do just fine but I am not wrestling Wyatt through a game.

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