Monday, August 6, 2012

Summer Fun

Summer fun! Slip and slide style. It's been so stinkin' hot that the only way we can spend anytime outside is in the pool, which we don't have, or with some other water source. The slip and slide is hit or miss with Lincoln. It takes him a while to get into it and not fuss. Wyatt watches contently from the deck steps, he's not going within 20 feet of that thing. 
 Slip and sliding!
 Yup, Daddy showing us how it's done. JR is such a good dad, he gets down on the kids level and plays with them. I'm so glad to have a husband like that, because I know I'm not getting on the ground like that! LoL
 A little push

 Wyatt yelling about something, he's actually quite terrible when I'm around. I've seen him when he doesn't know I'm there and he plays by himself, doesn't fuss. Mimaw took him to the pool and said he was great the entire time. If I'm there he just cries. Sigh
 Those eyelashes...

 What was that?
 That's not a normal water gun...
 That's Daddy's super soaker.... Really? I'm only one.
 The key to getting Lincoln to stay in the sandbox and not get out and run around.... tractors.
 My big boy and his beautiful eyes. He has JR's eyes although they are more brown/green than blue/green. They are constantly changing.
Baby Eli! We love him. He's soo cute.

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