Thursday, August 16, 2012

Sleeping and Breakfast

Morning is my absolute favorite part of the day. I feel my best, they boys are the happiest, it's a fresh new day, there's brewed coffee, it's just a wonderful part of the day. I finally took a picture of Wyatt sleeping. It's hard to do because it's pitch black in his room and as soon as you open his door he jumps up, even if he can't even open his eyes. We never check on him at night because we don't want to wake him up. In comparison, Lincoln sleeps with his light on in his closet, he doesn't budge. I've walked into his room to check on him, stepped on a noise making toy that goes off and he doesn't blink. Again, Wyatt sleeps like me, Lincoln sleeps like JR.
Sweet boy, he is hurt here.

Trying to cover his face because I turned on the light. This is the same position he assumes when he's really upset and crying on the floor.

Tired boy

Oh, mom, did you have to wake me up? Of course as soon as he gets his morning hugs he's smiling and laughing. Normally Lincoln will ask to go get his brother after we hear Wyatt yelling "daddy" and the two of them will act silly and laugh at each other.

Breakfast, the best meal of the day

What a cheese Wyatt is becoming

Probably gets some of it from his big brother

Chocolate face

Wyatt is doing great eating with a fork, although he's messy regardless of what or how he's eating
Baked oatmeal cake, recipe from Pinterest. Deliscious and easy. My kind of recipe

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