Wednesday, August 29, 2012

2012 State Fair

Every year we go to the State Fair for my birthday. I love it! It used to be that we would spend time looking at all the cakes, produce and art work but now we spend more time with the animals and vehicles that you can climb in. I imagine in the future it will be more of this and eventually rides too. That's ok, I still love it. I somehow did not manager to get a picture of some of the food this year. JR of course got his Krispy Kreme burger, I got Mike Linning's Fish, grilled corn, fried pickles. Lincoln got a huge corn dog and JR got the bacon sunday. Yes, it was as disgusting as it sounds. The boys were so tired by the time we left they were asleep before we got on the express way. It was a fabulous way to celebrate the 30th!

Visiting with Farmer Fred. We couldn't get both boys to cooperate. It's was towards the end of our trip and everyone was melting.... literally.

JUMP the amazing dog show. The boys loved it. Lincoln laughed and Wyatt did this Hulk barking thing. It was too funny, although the 30 min show is about 15 min too long for the boys to sit still.

Watching the dogs.
2012 State Fair!

Mmm, roasted corn on the cobb
How did I get to be 30?!?
Biggest Pumpkin at over 1000lbs. Amazing.
Largest head of cabbage
Lincoln watching the baby chickens hatch
The cows. The boys thought they were cool.
I always love looking at the cakes.
Isn't that cute?
Lincoln wanted to climb into anything he could. He was sooo excited to sit in a helicopter
Wyatt watching the horse
Eating his hands after touching the rails in the animal area.... ugh

The tractors
My personal favorite in the Ugly Lamp Competition

Ew, Bacon Sunday. It was as nasty as it looks. JR even agrees it was not good.
Both  boys were out before we got on 65. It was a fabulous family celebration!
Look at the sweet little lip stuck out. He was soooo tired but stayed awake until we got in the car.

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Rachel C. said...

what was that ugly lamp made of?