Sunday, October 23, 2011

Pumpkin Patch

Our little family decided to take a trip to Hubers farm and let Lincoln pick a pumpkin from the pumpkin patch and grab some other goodies. Saturday was definitely the better day of the weekend, it was quite cool and a little rainy but we enjoy ourselves. Just what we needed - a little get away for a little while. We were all ready for a nap by Sunday afternoon. I will say Huber's Pumpkin doughnuts are where it is at! DELICIOUS, as Lincoln would say.

Lincoln's new haircut. I'm so glad his hair is finally coming back in but it was getting a little shabby.

He could not figure out which pumpkin he wanted. I think we looked at 30 pumpkins to find the right one

The gator... always the gator

Funny face

Wyatt was so distracted he would never look at the camera. He is fascinated with grass and other things on the ground and loves to try to eat them

Yup, something to the side caught and captured Wyatt's attention

Lincoln eating a pumpkin, don't ask me why

The gator again....

My boys

Finally Lincoln understand what to do with these things. He ran over and tried every "face" out. Love it.

hmm.... I've seen that face on a smaller version of JR.....
Yup, that one too

Not seen that one yet but I'm sure it's coming.

My sweet boy who slept most of the time in the Snugli

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Sara said...

Love all the new pictures. Your boys are getting soooo BIG. Handsome little guys! ~sara