Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Hair go? & Wyatt's smiles

All it took was 3 days of 100 degree weather in a row and it was time for Lincoln to get a haircut. We love his long hair, but we knew that he was burning up every time we went outside. So JR took Lincoln today and we got all his hair cut into a buzz. Afterwards he kept looking at JR and asking "Hair Go Daddy?" and rubbing his head. Later tonight when I was putting him to bed he was putting his hand on his head and saying "BRRRRR" like his head was cold. This is the first time he hasn't had long hair so I imagine it is cold.

In Wyatt news... he has started smiling. It is the cutest thing. I am sad that this stage goes by so quickly. He is still rolling himself over every time we put him on his stomach.

Dad and Mini-Me

Showing off my new hair-doo


Smiling at Daddy

I am soooooo Happy

What are you looking at?

The flash is so bright Mommy.

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