Thursday, June 30, 2011

5 Weeks and Potty Boot Camp

Wyatt is 5 weeks old. He's about 12.5 lbs and keeps getting bigger and bigger. I can not believe how quickly he's putting on weight. He's still got the skinniest little legs and his torso is so long that his 0-3 month onsies are tight. I love his huge eyes, when he's actually awake. He hates belly time and is a pro at flipping himself onto his back, we have to constantly keep turning him back over and if he can't get himself off his belly he'll just yell and yell (I posted a video of him at the bottom flipping over since I still don't believe it myself. Lincoln never turned himself over like that). Lincoln continues to be a wonderful big brother who doesn't show any signs of jealousy, thank goodness. But he's so rough around Wyatt. The pictures I've got below almost took my breath away when I thought Lincoln was actually going to land on his much smaller brother.

Lincoln got to start Potty Boot camp this week. After an incident of digging in a dirty diaper and wiping it on his bed we thought maybe it was a good time to start. Day 1 went really well, he went #2 (probably just dumb luck there) and only had a few accidents. Day 2 also went well but a few more fits throughout the day and even fewer accidents. He stayed dry though his nap as well. He's been in a great mood b/c we've been spending so much time with him, playing in his sand box, painting, coloring, playing play dough, reading books, learning flash cards. You name it we've done it the past two days, except leave the house. I'm really hoping by tomorrow he'll start telling us everytime he needs to go rather than us taking him. Fingers crossed this is successful!!

The amazing mullet. He was born with this much hair in the back. It is terrible and JR will not let me cut it off.
His hair is so soft and fuzzy after a bath but unfortunately it gets greasy really quickly.
Sweet cheeks

He loves to pout out that lower lip
He also loves his pacifier. I hope we don't have problems weening him of it
That pacified looks so big on him
Long fingers, just like daddy
Day 2 of potty boot camp. Spending some brother time.
Lincoln made sure to get in on belly and floor time with Wyatt
Showing off his big boy underwear
Dancing around
Yup, take my breath away picture #1 - looks like I'm about to drop an elbow on my baby brother
Another wrestling move
Day #2 wrap up. Here's to Day #3!

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Rachel C said...

Wow, a roll over and a smile in one video! Impressive!!