Monday, April 25, 2011

My new closet

OK, so I am all about some projects around the house. I have been complaining since we moved in this house (almost 5 years ago!!) that there are not enough closets. I don't have a coat closet or a linen closet. So I finally found the place I wanted JR to build me a closet. My dad came over and helped frame it and drywall. We finished the rest. JR did tile all by himself and it is finally done!!! I love it. It is huge, although I will have it filled up in no time. Now I can free up the closet in the baby's room for baby stuff and not my hodge podge that's been up there forever and we finally have a coat closet. I need to post a before and after picture, if I can find a before picture, I"m sure it will be a month from now, or longer since we've only got 4 weeks left until Baby #2 gets here!

Watching the train with Uncle Drew

My new closet

Drew helping sand

No idea what JR is doing

Bub getting in on the work. He loves tools
My crazy child who decided one week that he was going to wear my underwear around his head and neck. It was a fight to get him to leave them at home when we went out.... whatever.

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