Monday, March 7, 2011

22 Months

Lincoln is only two months away from turning 2! I can not believe it. We took a minivacation to Great Wolf Lodge and Lincoln proved he was all boy since the only thing that he wanted to do was shoot basketball. It's all he ever wants to do, play with cars and shoot basketballs. He could stay outside all day and shoot baskets.

Settling in for a nap on our way to GWL
Watching some B-Ball and eating snacks before we hit the pool
Story time
Shooting balls
Getting a little air on that shot
Love playing basketball
The only little boy at Savannah's B-day part. Of course he didn't mind
Dress up time. At least he didn't put on a dress and heels.
This is the closest Savannah would let Lincoln get to her. He kept trying to give her a hug but she was not having any of it. Happy 2nd B-day Girl!
Mmm, chocolate cupcakes
Loooveeee my cousin Laila. Love kissing her and petting her. She's such a sweet baby.
Happy Birthday Aunt Rachel and Ashley!

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