Saturday, February 12, 2011

Valentines and Bellies 2011

Well, things are going well. We're still working on potty training, at a slower pace but eventually it will pay off. Baby #2 is doing well. We're so close to the 3rd Trimester and all of the fun stuff like gestational diabetes tests and another ultrasound. Yeah.... right. Lincoln started saying Hi! and Bye bye! and waving everytime he enters or leaves a room which is new. He'll even wave to people in public which is not normal since he usually acts so shy. And finally!!! he is actually telling us yes and no in the right context, which makes it so much easier to figure out what he wants. He's also figured out how to show us what he wants by taking us by the hand and leading us where he wants to go. My favorite thing this month though is his new run, one arm is always swinging as hard as it can when he runs. It's hilarious and I am going to try to catch it on video.

Happy Valentines day to everyone and enjoy our warm weather here while I spend the next week in below zero Minnesota (boo).
Valentines 2011 vs 2010. What a difference
Trying out some big boy underwear and ball cap. Indiana fashion.
Reading Batman (my favorite) on the potty
"Helping" mom with her yoga
soooo relaxing
Week 23.. As soon as we bring the camera out upstairs Lincoln poses by the wall. He knows what we're about to do and does not want to be left out.
Oh yeah, Week 23 comparisons.... huge difference from the last pregnancy
Week 25. Such a good big brother
Week 25 comparisons not quite so scary!! I can't wait to see what the final weeks look like. It can't get any worse than the last time, right?

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Mark and Beth said...

you look fantastic! love all the pictures. the one of lincoln kissing your belly is too precious. keep the yoga up:) i did yoga with both pregnancies, and it definitely paid off. i really think it helps with labor.