Saturday, January 8, 2011

20 Weeks and 20 Months

We were 20 weeks this week, half way there! We had our ultrasound and got to see the baby. No gender was exposed so we'll find out what this one is on may 27th, hopefully. Baby measured good, a few days late but that will change I'm sure. It was a dancing baby for sure. The tech couldn't get it to sit still long enough to get the pictures they needed. Ha!

Lincoln also turned 20 months this week. He's completely in a big boy bed, now responding to questions with yes or no. He weighed 29.5 lbs, ~85th percentile for weight and was 33.25 in, 60th percentile for height. I wish there was a percentile for shoe size. He has got JR's big feet. He just moved up to size 8 in some shoes and 7 in all others. I still can't get his feet in some shoes even if they say they're the right size.
20 WeeksBig brother kissing the baby
20 Months

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