Friday, September 24, 2010


September has almost come and gone. Bub loves to go outside and play with tennis balls and the basketball and the frisbee with us. He's watching JR throw the the tennis ball. Lincoln is constantly jabbering, when we ask him a question he answers with a string of "Bubby Speak". It's hilarious. I would love to know what's going through his little head. He's also started to point at objects in books that we ask him about. Tonight he opened up his farm book and did all of the animals sounds as he went through, it was too cute.

Watching Dad
Cute boy
Haha, so funny
Big guy
Taco dip... and queso. This boy is all Mexican
Yum, he would not let us take this away from him
Wonderful weekend at Nolin Lake. The weather was beautiful!!!
Carter trying to stay out of the sun
Yum, graham crackers

The evenings and mornings were so cool, we have to wear hoodies. It was great.
Eating at the big boy table with my Cuz
Cuz, who's very serious about his food
Bog boy table!
Water fun at the Science Center with my buddy Maddox
Love the slide
Fun together
The boys in a bubble

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Sara said...

Great pictures! Lincoln is getting sooo big!