Monday, September 6, 2010

Lincoln James 16 Months

16 months.... 32 in and ~26 lbs
New things I do:
  • Tell you what the monkey and the lion say (in addition to the dog, cat, chicken, cow, elephant and dinosaur)
  • Show you where my "booty", neck and knees are ( in addition to eyes, ears, nose, hair, belly button, toes and fingers)
  • Say "I love you" or something that sounds like it
  • Run... not walk.... everywhere
  • Love slides
  • Love watermelon
  • Loooovvveeee oatmeal and fruit smoothies
  • Read books on my own
  • Climb down the basement stairs if the gate is left open
  • New forms of dancing using my shoulders
  • Knock on windows and doors
  • Grow teeth... in pairs of 6! I cut 6 teeth and working on 2 maybe 3 molars. I am not sleeping well to say the least.
  • Getting up and down (from couches, chairs.... pretty much anything)

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