Saturday, June 26, 2010

14 Months...almost

Wow, almost 14 months. This time last year we were just trying to adjust to life with Lincoln, sleep deprived and in awe of being new parents (not to mention is was much cooler last year!). Now we're busy chasing a rambunctious toddler who makes us laugh and pull out of hair at the same time. Things like....
The "stank" face. This would be the nose scrunched up in disdain when he does not get what he wants. Other forms of displeasure are "downward facing dog" head butts to the ground....Belly flops on the ground.... and yelling "nananana" (aka no no no...).
Water..Lincoln loves water in all forms. Everytime we go outside to work in the garden I have to watch him closely b/c he will end up in the pool fully dressed. He follow us around while we water until he can get a little splash, off of the plants or stands under the Topsy Turvey tomatoe planters while waters drips on his head. He loved holding the hose himself and splashing himself in the face with the water. He likes to swim, but only without a float. He had a few face plants in the pool which scared him, hopefully a healthy fear of water will come out of it. We'll see, he still seems fearless when walking around the edges of pools.
Animals... he loves animals. Everytime he looks out our window he says "Da" (Dog) looking for the dogs across the street. He can tell us what a cat, dog, horse, sheep, cow and dinosaur say. His favorite books are Daddy and Me (known to him as Baby Bear and Dad Bear) and Baby Farm Animals.
Trucks, cars and balls. He's all boy. On top of loving to place with balls, trucks and cars he's constantly doing the "Hulk" as we call it. I have to post a video, it's hilarious.

Mother's Day 2010Swimming with CuzCool swim diaperFather's Day 2010. The Lorakeet's love JR

Father's Day at the Zoo... man was it hot!
Finally.. The Hulk!!!

Some water fun!

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