Saturday, April 24, 2010

Updates for 11 Months

OK, I'm almost caught up on blogging. Lincoln's 1st Bday is next Sunday and I'm a little late but for 11 months some highlights.
-Walking! Yes, finally. We still have some crazy sea legs at times but we're cruising now officially
-"The Hulk", silent but deadly. He will clench his fists and jaw and strain so hard but there's never any sound that goes with it. It is hilarious!!!!
-Waving Bye Bye. We really understand what bye bye is and wave to cars, people, animals... anything
-Blowing kisses... I love this. I get kisses all the time in multiple forms now
-Kissing the phone and saying Mama when I call and JR let's him "talk" to me
-Eating, everything. He discovered pizza and there is no going back, although squash in every form is still his favorite.
-Sleeping, he can sleep longer now than he has ever, dare I say until 10:00 am??
-"All gone" When he's finished or there is no more left he lifts his hands up
-Knows where his belly and everyone else's is. We had nose for a while but he likes the belly better
-He's very curious and studies everything from toys to books to toilet paper. LoL.
He's so sweet and gives "love" as we call it in the form of tight neck hugs. I can't imagine not having him. He's made our live so much more complete and we look forward to having more in the not so near future... I am much more comfortable this year than I was last year, I seem to remember kankles....
I love looking at pictures on phone and cameras. Here's mom trying to get hers away from me, right after my morning banana, hence no shirt
Curious little man


Flannery Family said...

I am so jealous that Lincoln sleeps!! Savannah is up at 5:30 every morning...yuck!

By the way, we are coming to the bday party! Can't wait!

James & Jane said...

ha, oh yes...cankles...i'm not quite there yet but on my way :)