Monday, January 4, 2010

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!

Christmas had come and gone for the Huff family, and it was a memorable time. Lincoln had fun opening his gifts and seeing all of the family. Here are a few highlights from the season's festivities.

Hanging out with Aunt Myrith... she loves to hold me.

My first piano lesson with Grandma Huff

I love the paper more than my presents.


Dady loves this picture the most... takes after me!

Me and cousin Caleb discussing our Christmas bounties.

Papaw didn't know that I had lightning fast reflexes... I got the remote, the phone, the picture and my penguin before he could say "He's got 4 arms..."

I am a messy eater...

I loved playing in the ice at the New Year's Eve party.

My New Year's night ended at 10 pm. That is impressive by my standards.

I love all of my toys and the things every got for me!

We cherished the ability to spend the holidays with our families. We wish there was more time in those few days to spend with everyone. While Christmas didn't quite feel the same at Grandma Huff's without Aunt Winkie and we had the opportunity to recall some of our favorite memories of her. Everyone kept in wonderful spirits and I don't think Aunt Winkie would have had it any other way. She will be missed very much, and it seems fitting that every Christmas we will pause and think of Aunt Winkie, as this was her favorite time of the year.

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