Wednesday, October 7, 2009

5 Months

So Bubby turned 5 months last week. He is growing so quickly I just can't believe it. He's wearing mostly 6-9 month clothes and even some 12 month. He's getting either his front side or his back side in the crawling position, scooting backwards and pivoting all around. He's never in the same place where we set him down between rolling and scooting. He can eve sit up for a short time on his own. He's a joy in our lives and it's hard to imagine life without him anymore.Happy Fall!!!
This face is because of the grass. He's still not sure about it.
I can sit! And I don't like this stuff on the ground.....
I am sooo ready to crawl.... won't be long!
Picture day at school. Don't I look handsome?
Big boy, trying to turn over on the changing table.
My daddy is the funniest!!!!


Stephanie said...

Look at that hair!!! It's amazing how much older he looks now. We can't wait to see you guys. Lots of love to the Huff family!

Sara said...

He is absolutely beautiful! I love his school picture C: Too cute.