Saturday, September 12, 2009

Vacation vacation....

We got to spend an entire week at the beach, Gulf Shores, AL (the best beach in the world!). Thanks mom and dad for inviting us and providing the housing! We had a great time with everyone and I got some great pics. Hope everyone enjoys. I'm going to take a nap after all that traveling.Here's the Lincoln with his Cuz! They look so cute with their matching shirts

Bubby's first experience with sand. Obviously he was not enjoying it
The same can be said for the ocean. The waves scared him at first but by day three he would just yell at the water.Cousin Caleb was not as afraid as his little cuz.

A much happier boy! It must be this adorable hat mom picked out.
All of the big boys taking on the waves...
A much safer way to experience the ocean. Family photo - Mom, Dad, Andrew, Jeremy, Ashley, Caleb, Rachel, Dave and us!Dinner at Lamberts - Home of the throwed rolls! Lincoln even got into it by knocking my drink from my hand and dad got into it by dropping my chicken salad in the butter dish. It was an exciting night but we had plenty to eat!Lincoln did however love the pool and spent the entire time talking to itThere were lots of naps on the beach

Don't ask me how Jeremy's baby ended up with blonde hair blue eyes and mine with dark hair and hazel eyes (for now). Genetics....

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