Saturday, March 14, 2009

Oh Baby....

We had our doctor's appointment this week with another ultrasound to check everything out. This is the cutest picture of the baby's profile. I'm not sure who it looks like but those are definitely Gutierrez lips. The baby's head is measuring in the 80 percentile and at 33 weeks while the rest is still in the 31-32 week range. Their estimated weight was 4lbs 4oz, which sounded a little high to me but we'll see. With eight weeks left I might just have a 10 lb baby. Especially as far as my belly sticks out. We originally had the ultrasound because the doctor's were worried about where the placenta was, and it's still low but not covering anything so we're praying now that during delivery all will go well and we won't have any problems.

We also got to go do some maternity shots with this really great photographer in Louisville. Once we get some of the pictures back I'll be posting them but here's a link to their website Mickie was great and lots of fun to work with.

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