Monday, January 26, 2009

Week 25

Week 25 has been the most growth in a short period that I have felt. I can tell now that there's alot more baby, the way its little elbows and knees pop out and the continued fighting to get out of my belly. We had another doctor's appointment last week and all is just fine. I don't have any more pain and we're just enjoying this time of growth, for both of us. It's also a season of Baby showers as almost every couple from our Sunday school class is expecting a new addition to their family.

Being the engineer that I am I finally did my research on all the baby gadgets and gizmos. Once I found what was rated the best for safety, functionality and durability I did a cost comparison between Wal-Mart, Babies'RUs and Target. Walmart beat out all the competition with price and availability. We'll see if they have the smaller items too if I ever actually get up the courage to go to the store and let JR have control of the hand scanner (I can still remember him with the scanner when we registered for our wedding and it was not pretty. LoL).

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